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Hi Lois. That's funny! I only have light perception, and my brother can't even see light. He has one artificial eye due to possible glaucoma I think, and just for kicks he would pop that eye out in junior high Spanish class.
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Dana! Your eye in the laundry story is hilarious! I, too, have artificial
eyes. A long time ago I had some nose surgery. I was in a hospital room with
three other women. The morning of my surgery, before I was wheeled from the
room, a nurse came to me with a cup and told me she would keep my eyes in it
till later. As this was happening, a lady had arrived in the bed next to mine.
She was heavily sedated for pain and was soon to be taken to surgery for an
appendectomy. Much later she told me that she was lying in her bed, very
uncomfortable, drugged half out of her mind. And when she heard a nurse
approach me and ask for my eyes to be kept in a cup, she figured she was really
gone! We laughed and laughed!

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