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Oh but a podcast from jail would be quite unique, haha. No, no. If we're going to have a podcast from jail, we don't have to go that far. I can just send my recorder to work with my husband. He's a corrections officer in a maximum security prison.


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Hope, I agree with you on that. And as much as I don't think
would have cared, legally this is what I had to do. There is
always a
slim chance that someone would have bothered, and I don't think
we want
to hear Larry doing a podcast from jail. Actually, as I was the
one who
put the show together, I don't think I want to go there either.
I am
hoping that when we do this again, people can find some of their
work or something that we can know is in the public domain. And,
people who had to be left out want to come up with something, I
would be
happy to put together a mini talent show that showcases their


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It is a great pity that talent must be excluded due to a law, but
suppose that rules must be followed, even if it isimpeeds the


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Because of copyright reasons, I was not able to use the following
selections. I apologize to the people who did all the hard work
to make
them and get them to me, but I simply could not find out
answer as to the nature of their copyright. Actually, in the
case of
one song, I new it was definitely still copyrighted.

1. When I fall in love

2. Cheek to Cheek

3. As if we never said goodbye.

4. Potato Head Blues.

Hopefully, when we have our next talent show, the people who
these can find something they can share with us. There is a lot
really awesome talent on this list.

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