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Too many beers will do that. The buzz, I don't know. But I still say that the recorder might have been accidentally switched to conference. That's my guess.


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Maybe Larry had a buzz.

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Indeed, there was quite a good deal of electronic buzzing on
Larry's most
recent walk home podcast. I can assure you it was not the
microphones he's
using; they sound quite good. I maintain it was the recorder.
It truly was
bordering on unlistenable. No way would I buy a recorder that
sounded like
that one; regardless of how accessible it was. My goodness; how
awful it
was to hear!!!!!

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I have to say that the noise was so bad on Larry's recent More on
podcast that I gave up trying to listen. I am not sure of this
was due to
the recorder, the traffic or the wind - Larry you have to cut
down pn that
vegetarian food man <smile

Anyway, I was getting hints that Larry was saying really
interesting stuff
but just could not catch it. I think it would be a shame if
Larry stopped
doing his to and from work walks as podcasts - they are quite
but Larry you need to find time to do some quality control here!

On the pther hand my hearing is not 100% so perhaps you just hit
threshold but everybody else is ok with it.


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