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  • Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 21:41:00 -0600

Wow! So the fiber actually comes into the router itself? Could you use ethernet with it if you wanted, or do they have to put the router wherever the straightest path to outside where the fiber is to make it work? I highly doubt one could ever get this in apartments. 5 megs down by 2 up is pretty good!

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Subject: [bct] Re: dsl and fibor optics

dion is grate! the verizon dsl is horable slow and goes out alot. WE are getting fios here on fryday. 5 mb down and 2 mb up for 34.95 Plust free install and free wireless router is well worth it
hope this helps
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Subject: [bct] dsl and fibor optics

I have my internet connection with Comcast cable and am happy with it. the other day a representative came walking through the neighborhood trying to get folks to sign up with Verizon for hook up with DSL fiber optics. I had version DSL a few years a go. the question is what is the difference between the old DSL and fiber optics for example speed etc.
I was not home when he came through the neighborhood but my wife was and he tried to give her the hard sell. I looked on Verizon.com and could not find the difference between cable and fiber optics. they will tell you itdepends on your computer setup etc. but if all things were the same what would be faster.
The salesman was very pushy and even implied that my wife could make decisions with out me.
My wife said that he was pushing so hard there was something they were not telling her. and she is rite with fiber optics the speed you get depends on the phone wires in your house. you would have to get somebody to upgrade the wiring in your house on the web site they say they don't fish through walls. also you are tied in to a one year contract. I could have all this for $29 a month. your thoughts.

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