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I don't know, you would probably see since you have before.  I never have,
so I do not in my dreams but life is pretty much the way I feel and hear it
now except for the intuition I seem to have that gets me out of situations.
One thing I wish were reality is running, I always dream I am running and
all I have to do is lean forward a bit, push my feet behind me and I just
float along like it is so easy.  In reality I hate running, it hurts my weak
ankles, my knees and is especially difficult if the surface is uneven so my
dream running would be really nice.  

Rose Combs

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Hi rose,
I've dream many of those same things.  I wonder what my dreams would be like
should I go totally blind? Lynnette
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I dream I am driving sometimes, but I some how know exactly where to go.  I
dream I an shopping and navigating a crowded store or mall with ease when in
reality I would never do it alone.

I fly a lot in my dreams too, according to some of the stuff I  have read
about psychology flying in dreams is not all that common.

I remember a doctor told me once that he did not think I could dream since I
have never been able to see.  He sure is wrong about that.

The ones that drive me crazy are the dreams when I dream I have gotten up to
go to work and then wham, I am back in bed again and have to do it all over.

Rose Combs

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    Mary Kaye said something interesting about "child sighted guide", today.

She noted that part of the guiding process has to take place anyway.  That
is to say that you want to get your young child to hold your hand anyway for

their own safety so the two things go hand in hand, pun intended.

    I also see in my dreams and still have many which are so real to me, in
which I get my vision back.  Sometimes when I wake, I have to face the
window to make sure it wasn't real.  I guess it's a hard thing to get one's
brain to accept.

    When I had cataract surgery, and received a lens implant, I thought they

screwed up the surgery because my brain could only tell that there was light

and color but couldn't make sense of the images.  After a day or so, I had
sort of trained my brain to accommodate the new input and could make sense
of the vision again.  In my right, totally blind, eye, I see some kind of
video noise.  There are flashes of light and a low level of something
similar to what you called "shimmering".  I can't tell if it is eye centered

or brain centered.  By the way, my wife says that I have developed the nose
of a dog.  Well, that's obviously an exaggeration but I can smell tons of
things very easily, more so since my vision has decreased.

    I never carry a cane in my dreams, I usually fly to get around.

    I doubt if I would ever start my own podcast as I am far more
comfortable writing than speaking my thoughts.

    Did you get my playing in the snowstorm recording?  Let me know.

Jeff Armstrong,

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