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Joseli, thanks for the warning.  I have to be very cautious when I am
installing any program that is going to relate to my sound card or audio
codecs.  I find some software venders, like iTunes for example, that
have the basic intent of thinking they know what is best for your
computer without bothering to look at other software you have that could
be corrupted with the install of their program.  It's like a sales
person calling you on the phone and asking you if you would like to
purchase something which could be harmful to your body but they don't
tell you that.  And, there is very little way I have figured out to know
whether a particular program will work without changing something on
your system.  The best one can do is make sure they have read all there
is to read about the software and even then, there is no guarantee.  I
don't mean to frighten people, but experience has shown that there is
software out there that will do exactly what happened to you or
something similar.  I guess that's why it's nice to set a restore point
before you load anything questionable on your system.  Normally, XP does
it for you before an install, but I always try to remember to set one
anyone just in case the system did not.  I'm sorry you are having such a
bad day.  

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ok. today has just been one of those days.  I tried 3 programs and all 3
bombed out on me, I mean, I hated them.
the first one was called v4s: a voice mail program for skype.  this
program did something weird with jaws so that eloquence didn't work.
second was called hot recorder: supposed to record skype conversations.
this one wasn't very accessible at all and barely usable.  the third and
worst of all of these is called sound tap.  another program that's
supposed to record skype conversations.  this program totally took over
my sound card and caused it not to produce sound when the program was
shut down.  what's more, it also prevented eloquence from running.  the
problems this caused were monumental!!!
so, word of warning, unless your feeling really brave, I wouldn't use
any of the above programs.
Joseli Walter
I'd say I've lost my sanity, but you can't loose what you never had to
begin with!!

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