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  • Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 15:14:53 -0400

Check any filter rules that you have that delete mail as it's received. 
Until I know that such a filter is working exactly the way I want it to, I 
actually route the stuff that would otherwise be deleted into a folder 
called Junk so that I can review it to make sure that nothing would be 
deleted that I actually want saved somewhere. Then, once I know it's working 
right, I change the filter definition so that it deletes the message instead 
of routing it to the Junk folder.

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Have any of y'all who use Outlook Express opened the program and heard the
sound indicating you have new e-mail; but, the messages aren't showing up in
your in box or any of your subfolders inside your in box?  I just had this
happen twice.  Any suggestions of anything I might look for?  Monica, if you
just tried to send me e-mail, could you try again?  That goes for any of
y'all.  Thanks.\

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