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Dean, do you know if the microphone you are using gets power from the
PTR2.  If the mike requires power from the recorder, running it into a
mixer that does not furnish this kind of power might explain why you do
not get any signal.  That's just one of several guesses.


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After reading your message, I can come to but one conclution.  You're
the wrong 1/4 inch connector.  It's likely the one you need is a mono 
connector which only has a contact point at the tip; but, the one you're

trying to use has a contact point both at the tip and at a special ring
a little way down the shaft of the connector; such as one finds in a
connector.  Can you not lower the volume of the line level input?  What 
about the master fader on the mixer?  It seems to me that if you can
the master fader on the mixer, you might make some progress.  barring
however, I'd suggest lowering the line level input volume or else the 
attenuator cord you have.  Those are just my thoughts on the matter.

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Subject: [bct] digital recording woes

I'm hoping to tap into some recording wisdom from the multitudes here.
Using a Plextalk and a low-cost Radio Shack mixer, I want to capture my
voice and the output from the computer.  Nothing is working too well so

I'm using a mike which sounds great when plugged directly into the PTR2,
but when I run it into the mixer, connecting a 1/8-to-1/4-inch adapter
to make the connection work, I get no sound.  Not quite no sound, I do
get white noise, but no voice.

the mixer is working, but the sound output from the computer is
overpowering the PTR2 even when that channel of the mixer at its lowest
volume setting.  I have an attenuated cable from Radio Shack and could
try connecting that to see if it makes a difference.

Can anybody shed any light on why this isn't working effortlessly, the
way I want it to work, and what I might be able to do about it?


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