[bct] Re: digital recorder specs.

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Jenny, I suppose you could scale down your wish list a bit and settle
for recording a mouse fart.  In all seriousness, there are a few more
recorders made by marantz that sell for around 800 too $1000.  Some of
the older models that may still be around have very few menus and lots
of manual switches you can use to change parameters that the newer
recorders have placed inside menus.  I have used a couple of them and I
would say that their mike pre-amps are far worse than the Edirol-r1 or
the Microtrack.  In addition, they are quite a bit larger.  If you want
to know more, I'll research a few model numbers and links where they can
be read about.
What happens if you feed a mouse scotch and then try to record it?
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oh my, i was so worried about the specs, that Sound Devices recorder
does sound so wonderful, I certainly won't rule it out completely, but
would like to have something a bit cheaper if possible, maybe for half
that or so.  Anyhow, i was so focused on it, I didn't even notice the
ant fart thing.  Oh I do want some of what Dan 
 and Neil are drinking.

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