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Wonder if we could get a recording of it?
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Hmmm!  An Ant Fart, I wondered what that was.


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Jenny, after hearing Neal's cast on the Sound Devices 700 series recorders and trying one for a month, I would recommend nothing less than that unit. The 2 track version is everything you want, and more. It records on a 40 gig internal drive and/or a compact flash card. The microphone preamps are so quiet, you can record an ant fart at a hundred paces and boost it 80 db without introducing noise, given a good mike. The machine is reasonably accessible, not totally, but it isn't bad. I make successful recordings with it, the only limitation being my expertise at Sound Forge editing and learning to breathe quietly.

The recorder is small, though not as tiny as the Olympus ones, but then,
has a lot in it.  The battery life is not bad, and you can get larger
batteries for it that will give you many hours of recording.  The unit
much flexibility and you can tailor many things to your liking.  It is
cheap, at about $2375, but if you can afford it, there is little better
under $10,000.


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