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I think our good buddy Shane Jackson who is on this list uses Audiotechnica 
omnidirectional mics. Shane correct me if I'm wrong brother.
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  Something else I wanted to add, just an fyi for the list.  i actually 
purchased the sound professionals bundle Neil wrote about.  The archos unit has 
a lot of menus and deals with gaming and video and lots of things we will never 
use.  Also, i checked the info from Rock box and it appears that development of 
a compatible firmware has stopped and there are no plans to resume it.  i 
wouldn't recommend this model.  i actually decided to return it and got the 
minidisc with the credit.  I like the sony minidisk very much as far as 
recording is concerned, and after reading Dan's message, i do think my noise 
problems have more to do with the mics i am using as they are rather cheap.  i 
have a set of more expensive cardioids i hadn't yet tried out, and after 
testing this discovered that the noise is less with these.  Can anyone 
recommend a good set of binaural mics?  The ones i have are the sound 
professionals standard binaural mics.  I do know a lot of you are using these 
and the quality is quite good.  So I can't be sure what is happening.  

  I really appreciate the input from all of you.  i am learning, much by trial 
and error here.  Part of my problem too is that I want an all in 1 solution, 
and I think now that I might be wiser to have a couple of things on hand for 
different situations.  I don't necessarily need a unit that will record an ant 
fart, but as Neil most eloquently put it, a mouse fart would be good.  


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