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Does anyone have any statistics as to whether the NFB is as strong an
organization today as it has been in years past? I'm speaking strictly of
membership, convention attendance,  and that sort of thing. I'm simply
wondering if some of their positions are actually hurting them.

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This is so great that we're actually discussing things in a nice way, and
not flaming each other for it like some people I knew, well sort of knew.
Here is my stance on descriptive video. I think it is an excellent service.
I myself own tons of movies with audio description, and I've been to a few
movies that had audio description. I cannot understand the NFB's thinking on
this issue. Basically what they're saying, I think, is that if we ask for
audio description, we're only hurting ourselves. I don't get it. Same with
accessible pedestrian signals and truncated domes. Someone on another list
said that these two things can come in very handy not only for visually
impaired people, but also people with learning disabilities and problems
with depth perception. I completely agree. I have talked about this with a
neighbor and one of her sons who is disabled, as well as others in Center
for Independent Futures. Nobody can understand the NFB's thinking on these
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> Hi all,
> In addition to descriptive video, I've always had trouble with NFB's 
> position on pedestrian signals. I need any help I can get if I need to 
> cross a street; being deaf on one side, everything sounds like it's 
> coming out of the sky. I've been knocked down by a milk truck, and 
> once a car knocked me down, and I've come close a few other times, 
> even had my cane run over but fortunately it didn't break so I was ok, 
> but I think common sense and using any tools we can have available is 
> much more sensible than just saying sound signals should be banned 
> completely. In fact, in some places the lights even have vibrations so 
> people with hearing loss can tell when to cross, although if there's a 
> right on red law in effect, it could still be dangerous because that's 
> how the milk truck hit me; I had the light and he was turning right. 
> He was on my deaf side so I had no idea he was there.
> I know I'm missing out on all the stereo effects on the podcasts, but 
> I'm thankful to be able to hear what I can with my stereo set to monaural.
> When I send podcasts up to BCT I use headphones and listen with the 
> left channel on my good side, then turn the headphones around to hear 
> the other channel on my good side so at least I know things are 
> getting sent up with both channels and about the same volume. I hope 
> it sounds reasonably decent.
> Mary

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