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Hi. I have always wanted to learn to make it make music.
Please do it I'd love it too. It wouldn't be boring to me after all,
people that don't' like it can always delete it. 

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hi.  I think what's happening here is the folks that have done this 
whole dectalk thing have done it so often, and it's definitely been 
way played out. However, there are still some folks out there, like 
me, who haven't learned how it's done.  It sounds like a very slow 
and arduous process, so I'm not sure if I'd be willing to do it 
unless I had a super awesome idea. and eeven now I can hear Mr. 
Perdue over there groaning.  lol.  Yes I admit it is old.  but 
sometimes old stuff can still be fun for some.  That's the awesome 
thing about BCT, you just listen to and produce the casts you want 
and leave the others for the others.
I hope that makes sense.

At 10:39 AM 5/17/2006, you wrote:
>Oh, puh leeze.
>You actually think that was cool?  God, ain't we bord.  LOL!
>I mean they were cute, but, kind a dumb.  Not meaning to be rude, or
>start a flame.  You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but God, 
>I could probably do the review, but I'm sure I'd bore most to death 
>doing it.  Patrick way back when tought me enough of how to do it to 
>where I think I could probably teach someone but man, I don't know 
>if I recall all the syntax.  I know all the phonemes but I don't 
>recall if the duration comes before the comma or the note comes 
>before the comma in the source code.
>Aside that, I probably could do it.
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>>I know it's sort of old school, but I think it's cool. I'd love to
>>see a podcast done on how to make the decktalk sing the songs that 
>>it does. I've always been fascinated by that, but have never quite 
>>understood how it worked.
>>Just my thoughts.
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