[bct] Re: decoding an mp3 back in to wav for editing

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Hi Clay. I use a program called AudioCommander,
www.mystikmedia.com/audiocommander.asp, which does a great job of audio
conversions. It costs about $65, and peculiarly only can be registered on
one computer. Among its benefits, though, are its ability to do batch
conversions, its ability to be used via a GUI or via the command-line, and
the stellar job it does of keeping sound quality in tact. The demo, which I
believe runs for fifteen days, is fully functional and is a great
try-before-you-buy option.

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hello all,
I know that there has probably been a podcast on this already, but what
programs are used to decode an mp3 back in to wave for editing in Studio
recorder?  If Studio Recorder won't do it, what program is recommended?

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