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Hi Adam. I agree with you about paper and plastic. A lot of times I find it difficult to stab a piece of food with a plastic fork. Also, whenever I am at a gathering where people are sitting on the ground or floor with food and drink, I ask if I can sit at a table to do my business because otherwise I just end up with spills all over the place.
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hi everyone.

I was taught by my parents how to cut food at a young age.

I can confidently order a t bone steak and cut round the bone without problems with no vision.

I will ask my wife if what I am doing is drawing attention to me and she will tell me if its not.

I may use a finger as a guide but generally that's all.

I've never had anyone cut up food for me and always refuse when at friends places when their parents ask.

The only thing I have problems with is paper plates and bbq food with plastic knives and forks, especially if you have to eat on your lap.
if I'm eating at a table with proper utensils I have no problem.
I have rarely seen knives and forks of plastic that are very strong and I can manage that fine.

Here in Australia it is rare for a restaurant to ask if I need food cut up.

We don't have any organisations over here that have such strong views as those in the states, we have an advocacy organisation but that's all it is, they don't do mobility training or anything else.

Any questions don't hesitate.

Adam Morris

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