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  That reminds me of the time when I crossed a road at the lights, and was 
half-way across, then started to cross the other half only to relaise that the 
lights didn't apply to that half! Help!!!! there was a van bearing down on me, 
and luckily my instinct was to relax as his bonnet ploughed into my back. I 
ended up splayed across the bonnet (oh, hood, sorry) and nobody got hurt that 

  I was the one who apologised profusely that time for giving the driver a hard 
time - I got the impression it had hurt him more than it hurt me. Luckily he 
had only been going at about 10 miles an hour.

  But that was a wake-up call. Not only did I have to be more careful on the 
roads, but I soon afterwards went to the eye clinic, and was then registered as 

  Stay safe y'all, but not too safe.

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  Hi list,

  I've been hit twice; once was when I still had good hearing and was going to 
computer school. The car knocked me down and I just got up and kept going 
because the car was barely moving.

  The other time I was trying to get across the street to get to the bus stop; 
this happened when i was living in a location where I had to get help every 
morning crossing a busy intersection to get to work. Nobody was there and I was 
in a hurry; my hearing was the same as it is now. A milk truck was coming at me 
from my deaf side and I didn't know it; he had a "blind spot" and just didn't 
see me. I had the light and he was going to turn right; he was only going a few 
miles an hour; any faster and I wouldn't be here to tell the tale. He knocked 
me into a kneeling position; it took months of chiropractic treatment to get my 
neck and back re-aligned.

  That is the last time I crossed a street with a light. 

  Mary Emerson
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