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Evolution, perhaps?  Haven't other animals evolved into a better, heartier

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> Shane, this is very interesting.  I was unaware of this level of
> controversy in the evangelical community on these topics as I have not
> much in the Christian press since becoming a pagan about 20 years ago.
> A few thoughts come to mind, however, and I offer them in the spirit of
> discussion, not tearing down your beliefs.  The idea was stated that
> antedeluvian animals were vegetarian.  Carnivoares like the big cats and
> bears cannot live on a vegetarian diet, their intestinal tracts cannot
> properly digest vegetative matter to any degree.  How would this be
> I had to smile at the term "preadamites," because it makes the pre Adamic
> human postulates sound kind of like insects, kinda like dust mites. [grin]
> If the young earth idea, meaning approximately a 6000 year old earth, is
> be accepted, then how are the kinds of ages seen in the cosmos and in
> and fossils explained?
> You noted that you were a Calvinist.  I studied Calvinism extensively many
> years ago and found it most fascinating.  Do you accept the Zwinglian
> concept of superlapsarianism, as a side note?
> Dan

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