[bct] Re: creation science

  • From: "Mike Justice" <m.d.justice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 23:14:46 -0500

Mary, Dan, & Shane:
As Shane's lengthy article contribution indicates, there are divergent ideas 
and approaches even within the "Christian" community, just as there are in all 
other groups that have certain belief systems.  So, not all Jews would agree 
with all other Jews, all Janists with each other, all Hindus with each other, 
all Shamanists with each other, etc.  I do believe Mary that the realm that is 
God's is unlimited to Him, but within limits for us,  since he established the 
natural laws which govern His universe.  It is very possible that the creatures 
of His making may be wrong if their concepts with "natural" limitations, 
disagree with the natural and supernatural things God reveals in the Bible.  
And the Bible is not of private interpretation, so without the Holy Spirit, 
mortal man cannot understand what must be spiritually discerned.  Only the 
author of the book has all the answers, and He guided a number of authors over 
many centuries to compile a text that is consistent with itself.  I have been 
pleased to interchange with Mary, Slithy, and Dan specifically, because I 
believe we have maintained courtesy and respect for each other.  My main 
purpose in posting responses is to indicate an alternative viewpoint that can 
be rejected or accepted by any on the list, even those who are not directly 
participating in the discussion.  I provided the link in an earlier post, 
www.answersingenesis.org, so anyone interested could explore further for 
themselves.  There are scientists in a variety of fields who use much of the 
accumulated scientific body of knowledge, from their perspective of belief in a 
young-earth, creation model.  Another source for this subject is the Institute 
for Creation Research at www.icr.org.  I also have tried to limit the number of 
posts I make on these "non-technology" subjects, so as not to over burden those 
on the list who have little or no interest.  May we all continue to enjoy a 
good mixture of exchanges, both  of depth and light-heartedness. 

Mike Justice,

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