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Dan, I was about to write and say what if she acknowledged the music,
the performers, etc. That wouldn't work either, because she doesn't
have permission from the author or authors to use their materials.
It's a bummer, but it's the law. And we wouldn't want our friend Larry
to make his next podcast from jail. Although, that would be an
interesting one. It makes me remember the time I was visiting
Appomattox Virginia and touring the civil war sites. We went to the
jail and the guard, seeing that I was blind, wanted to know if I would
like to have the experience of actually being in the cell. I said, why
not. It was only as they were closing the doors that they remembered
the problem. The building was undergoing a restoration. They had just
finished the jail but they had not yet made keys to unlock the cells.
I had a grand time posing as a prisoner for all of the tourists. One
question I heard someone ask was most interesting. An elderly lady
said, "Why they even lock up people who are blind." Well now, I had to
wonder about this one. Did she mean that people who were blind were
somehow different and should be spared the embarrassment of being
locked up? Or was it that people who were blind were just one rung
above night crawler status and should have simply been hanged on the
spot? The jailer came back with a key in about an hour, but it was a
very interesting stay. Too bad I didn't have a recorder.



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Lynette, I happen to fully agree with you. In my opinion, so long as

do not make a profit from another's work, you should be able to use it

hoc. I posted the material I did not to intimidate anyone nor to cause

feelings, but to protect all of us, including our illustrious web site

Sadly, the lobbies in favor of highly restrictive copyright laws were 

spending bigg money during 1999 when the current version of the

laws were enacted.

From the standpoint of the artist/composer/writer, however, they feel

even if their material is used without being charged for, it dillutes

potential market for paying customers. I do not believe this is true,

it is their arguement and so far, the courts have agreed.

Sorry to be a wet blanket,



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