[bct] comparing the sounds of all Olympus recorders

  • From: "Neal Ewers" <neal.ewers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 10:33:12 -0500

Would someone who owns a Olympus WS200S mind putting a short voice file
on my ftp site using the built in microphone?  I want to see how it
compares with my Olympus DM20.  I would also be very appreciative if
someone who owns the 300 x model would do the same thing.  If you could
record at the highest quality possible, in dictate mode, not conference
mode, that would be great.  I will then make a podcast that compares the
quality of all three recorders.  I know we will be using different
voices, but one thing we could do to make it a bit more even is to all
be about 12 inches from the microphone.  It only needs to be a short
file, say, 30 seconds or so.  Also, please don't convert the files to
MP3.  Just put the WMA file on the site as it is recorded by the
recorder.  I will convert them to MP3 with the same high KBPS rate and
that way there won't be any difference in the quality based on different
MP3 conversion rates.

Now, I don't know how to keep everyone from doing this and I only need
so many recordings, but perhaps not everyone will want to do this and
the people who do may have different voices and we can learn some things
from the different voices of people and the way their voice sounds on
their particular recorder.  Oh, one more thing.  Don't forget to say who
you are and what recorder you are using.  I will put a file with my DM20
in the mix as well.
OK, this should be fun.
My ftp site is


You don't need a password, but only I can download the files.

I will be grateful to all who take part in this little experiment.
Thanks much.

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