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MessageDammit, beat me to it.
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  Hello Paula,

  Pull down the tools menu in Outlook Express and then arrow up once to 
options.  Navigate to the maintenance tab which is the last one to the right.  
Tab through that tab until you get to the button for the store folder.  That 
will bring up a dialog that shows you the obscure location where your mailboxes 
are stored.  Tab to the field containing that path and copy it to the 
clipboard.  The quickest way to get to that folder is to go to the run dialog 
and paste in the path that you copied and press enter.  If your mailboxes are 
still there, there is probably a way to to get your messages back.  

  Compacting can take a very long time.  Are you sure that you waited until the 
process was finished?  I have never had the compacting process lose my 


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    Hi Everyone

    This is a desperation question. Does anyone know how to get back files 
unintentionally eaten during mailbox compacting? I'm using Outlook Express. It 
ate my files once before and I was under the mistaken belief that I had turned 
off the question to ever compact them again. Obviously I hadn't and now all my 
files are gone. I have many irreplaceable files stored in my OE folders and I 
am not at all happy. If anyone can please tell me if there are any programmes I 
can run to try and get them back that would be wonderful and I'll be your 
friend forever. Secondly, does anyone know where I go to turn off the horrid 
feature so it doesn't happen again? I didn't knowingly say yes to the 
suggestion it might compact my mailboxes, but obviously the question popped up 
and I unknowingly hit enter to accept. Nasty thing!



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