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Paula, I'm glad you were able to get some stuff back.  

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Hi Everyone
Welcome to anyone new who has joined the list. I'm playing catch up after my
computer had to go away for a week. This is just an update on the compacting
mailboxes saga because a couple of you gave me suggestions. In the end I
managed to find a very patient person (a neighbour of my parents) who runs
his own business as an information technologist. He did all sorts of things
with the computer. He recovered a whole lot of stuff but most of it had been
deleted and some of my current important stuff has not come back. Some files
have though which is wonderful. Now I have to go through a few thousand
possibly corrupted messages to make sure there's nothing I want.
What I have learned and will pass on to anyone using Outlook Express is, if
your mailboxes start compacting don't touch a thing. Let it run through the
process and you'll be fine. Panicking and turning off the computer is NOT
the solution as I discovered.

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