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Brent, unfortunately, talking that close to the reflector will probably
eliminate a great deal of bass response from your speech.  It would,
however, eliminate much of the other noise in the room.


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I wonder how good these would be for doing a podcast? It would seem
for you to point one at yourself and talk into it, bypassing much of the

computer fan noise or whatever noise you get. From BCT, I now know I 
shouldn't get a keyboard-sized computer because they're real noisy and
be stuck recording it.

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> From CCrane, you can buy this consumer-grade listening device called 
> "the bionic ear". I've tried this and it amplifies the sound you point

> it at, like a mockingbird chirping or a golden retriever panting -- 
> http://www.ccrane.com/science/instruments/bionic-ear.aspx
> Or you can surf over to the microphones section of spyshops, where you

> can find the Super Ear and other similar cool toys:
> http://www.spyshops.com/
> --Debee

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