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Thanks Lance.
It is from a cd call Introducing Kenny Reed.
I think I have all the copies that egsist.
The intire cd is not what you would call smothe jazz
There are tunes by Kenny Baron Monk and such.
Any I'm glad you liked it.
Regards  KenAt 06:51 PM 3/3/2006, you wrote:
Hello everybody,
I just finished listening to the talent show.  Wow!!!  Simply awesome!!!!
  Neal, I recognize that accompliment you played at the beginning of the
show.  I once owned a technics 3000 that had the same thing.  Really cool!!
Here are my top three favorites.  I actually liked all of them.  This is a
keeper.  Okay,  number 1 in my book was that song by Kenny Reed.  As I
mentioned in my previous message, I love smooth jazz.
2.  I really like that song from Hope.  It really sounds like a lot of the
songs from my cd Soothe Me.  Great song!!
3.  Kai's poem with all the sound effects.  Out of all the performances, I
thought this one was the most interesting.  Never heard anything like it.
  Thanks Neal for putting all this together.  Keep up the great work.
Aloha, Lance

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I just finished listening, and what an enjoyable show it was. So much
wonderful talent out there in the blindcooltech community. Thanks to
all of you for a great program, and I really am glad that we decided
to go with the introductions. That was so much fun to hear too.


kenneth reed phone: 860-741-7546 skype: kvreed502

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