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Hello everybody,
I just finished listening to the talent show.  Wow!!!  Simply awesome!!!!  
  Neal, I recognize that accompliment you played at the beginning of the
show.  I once owned a technics 3000 that had the same thing.  Really cool!!
Here are my top three favorites.  I actually liked all of them.  This is a
keeper.  Okay,  number 1 in my book was that song by Kenny Reed.  As I
mentioned in my previous message, I love smooth jazz.  
2.  I really like that song from Hope.  It really sounds like a lot of the
songs from my cd Soothe Me.  Great song!!  
3.  Kai's poem with all the sound effects.  Out of all the performances, I
thought this one was the most interesting.  Never heard anything like it.  
  Thanks Neal for putting all this together.  Keep up the great work.  
Aloha, Lance

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I just finished listening, and what an enjoyable show it was. So much
wonderful talent out there in the blindcooltech community. Thanks to
all of you for a great program, and I really am glad that we decided
to go with the introductions. That was so much fun to hear too. 



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