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  • From: "Frank Lizarde" <flizarde@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 11:31:12 -0800

Maybe we should do a "we are the world" or an "if every day were Christmas" 
type thing,
With all of those grate key board players, trumpet players, singers and 
guitars, well, except for the crappy guitar on the first performer's song, we 
could do wonders!
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  Hi all,
  Great talent show. Do I have a favorite act? It's tough to say.

  I'd like to thank Neil for including my piece, "Jingle".

  Before I end this message, I have a message for Ms. Greenwell. If you're 
still looking for someone to put music to that song, I'd like to help. Let me 
know if you're interested.

  Christopher Wright, 
  School phone: 914-251-7144
  CELL phone: 914-582-5594 
  Email: chrisw1@xxxxxxxxxxx, christopher.wright@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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