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  • Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 08:12:19 -0800

Hi list,

For some reason I couldn't play the clicker training part 2; nor could it be 
downloaded to the book port. Not sure what the problem is, but maybe others had 
better luck.

I have the Tissot watch that was discussed in a recent podcast, although I 
haven't listened fully to the podcast yet. The watch is quite expensive, and I 
bought mine last year, but to be honest, haven't used it much recently; part of 
the reason is that I just don't need to know the time very often any more, and 
the other reason is that I am allergic to some component, probably in the band; 
when I wear the watch, within a few hours I break out in a horrible rash that 
looks like a burn around my wrist, and it takes days to heal. So if you get a 
leather band, you might want to get a different type of band. I also found the 
watch to be a bit large and awkward for my wrist, and a bit heavy. If they 
could shrink the electronics down, and make the battery easy for consumers to 
replace, I might get a newer model if the price goes down very significantly. I 
scanned the book into the PC and might still have it around here, but I didn't 
scan in the authorized Tissot places; I only listed the one in the U.S. which I 
think is on the east coast.

Mary Emerson
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