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Well, it depends where that file will go. Suppose I record something to submit to the ftp server. I combine several files together and submit the agregate file. Later, Larry may combine these for his podcast, pasting them into the studio recorder document he would work on. Then you have a copy that may not be as good as the original is it went through the compression twice.

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Hi Kitty,

Yeah I understand all of that, but I think most everyone here only wants to
do it one time to combine the files? I wouldn't convert an MP3 two or
three times due to the loss. Was only asking as far as just to combine the
files. How does MP3 surgeon do it without loss of quality?


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It is just common sense. mp3 is not lossless compression. In english this
means that once you create an mp3 file and throw away the uncompressed .wav
file if you have one, you can never reconstruct the original. So if there is
loss between going from A to B and B to C and C to D then D will be a porrer
copy than A. It is like copying a tape from cassette A to B and then from B
to C and so forth. You can easily demonstrate this your self. If the
original mp3 is good quality and at a high bit rate then the loss in quality
with one reencode is so small you wouldn't know it. But if you do it enough
times you can always tell. An example of a lossless compression is a .zip
file. If you have the .zip file you can always extract the exact data you
started with. Supposedly the flac sound format is a lossless compression
scheme, at least that's what they say.

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