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I wonder if gw ends up reencoding though? It will do it though.

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Hi, You said, :Use the merge utility in Gold Wave to combine the files,
without any loss of sound quality."

Now there is a really nice feature.  If you're using an MP3 recorder to
make a podcast and you want to stop because the phone rings, you now
obviously have two files.  However, they have to be combined into one
for the podcast.  So, I suspect many people will simply include the
phone call in the podcast because they know that they cannot have two
files.  Of course, you may say to the person on the phone that you are
making a podcast and quickly get back to the subject at hand, but this
may or may not be what you really want to do.  What you may want to do
is to create more than one file.  This is also true if you are doing a
podcast with a recorder and you want to show how the internal mike
sounds relative to some external mike you have.  Of course, you could
just plug in the mike and leave a loud pop in the file, but wouldn't it
be nice to be able to stop, create a new file, and then combine them.
Thanks for letting us know that this can be done in Gold Wave.


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Use the merge utility in GoldWave to combine the files, without any loss
of sound quality.
John Stiers
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Subject: [bct] combining .mp3 files


Wondered if someone can tell me how to combine two or more .mp3 files. I
have gold wave so can do it with that, or I also noticed that DS Player
Plus with the Olympus DS-2 has a way to do it, but can't figure out how
it's done. So would appreciate instructions as how to do this with
either program. Thanks.


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