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Hi Scott,
Another option would be courses from the Hadley School for the Blind. All material would be accessible & there is no tuition.
I don't know if you would receive college credit but you could take a course from Hadley & then enroll in a local college once you have mastered the math concepts.
Perhaps some folks on the list will comment on their experiences with the Hadley School.

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Do you live in the U.S.? If you do, Bookshare would be a good way for you to go, because they now have a lot of textbooks available. I think some are in BRF files, which means braille with formatting, which is generally grade two. But the down side is they probably aren't done according to Nemeth code. You have to join BookShare to access them, and it costs.

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic is your other option if you are in the uSA. It's not braille, but it's daisy books which would be the next best option.

Maybe someone else has another option or two. If you're not in the USA, neither of the above would help.


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