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could you send this to me as well pam?
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Hi Amy,

I'll send you a file later on today  of recordings with the ds-2,
using first the built-in microphone, then the Sony microphone that I
have and then the Sound Professionals so that you can see what you


On Wed, 24 May 2006 12:37:31 -0500, you wrote:

My question is, what improvements do the external mics give to the DS-2? I'm
curious if anyone has any recordings they could send me with the DS-2 or the
DM20 with external mics. Would love to compare.

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My hearing must be worse than I thought then. Because though I can hear somewhat of a hiss with the built-in mics on the Olympus recorders, I don't notice it at all when using external mics. I think they sound great.


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Amy, I agree with you about the recording quality of the Olympus
recorders, but these are the recorders that some people have to use
because that is all they can afford.  the Iriver is not nearly as
accessible as the Olympus recorders.  The next step up is either a
minidisk recorder or the Edirol or MicroTrack.  There are reviews of
both recorders on Blind cool tech, although some of them may be in the
archives.  There is a new Edirol coming out soon that has obviously not
been reviewed, There is also a new minidisk coming out too.  I will be
doing a review of both.  The MicroTrack had some problems when I
reviewed it which have evidently been corrected.


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Mary, I've already listened to the olympus recorders on the archives and this year's podcasts. It'd be great, except I notice an underlying hiss or some kind of sound under the recordings made by the SW and DS models. I really like the IRiver. Anyone know about how much it is, and if it's as easy to use as the DS-2? Thanks for referring me. Believe me, I've been looking hard, and I'm still confused because there is so much out there, and it's hard to ask your questions to a podcast. lol I think my favorite tests of the recorders is when people go outside or do more than just talk into the mics. It helps me get a feel for how they record more than just voice. The only recording with the DS-2 that I especially liked was jamie Pauls' recording of the hail storm in late April this year. that by far is the best sound I've heard out of it, in my oppinion. It's not bad, just ... something i can't place.

Enough rambling from me. And thanks again.

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There are plenty of us podcasters who are using Olympus products, and
can get them for $200 or less. There are reviews on the BCT web site
the Olympus DS2 and the Olympus WS320 and WS200 machines in
and I am sure other people are using other brands--I recall some
who use IRiver in particular; and some people use minidisk recorders.
There are lots of choices. You probably would do well to listen to the

reviews on the blind cool tech web site, and don't forget to search
archive link on the BCT web site. The archive link contains all
that were done in 2005.

Mary Emerson
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