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It's really not too bad, really. I do think that recording at 128kbps would be much better than 64. 64 is what I must ave heard on the other recordings I didn't like. I wonder if Jamie is on this list, so i coudl ask him how he recorded the storm.
Also, I do hear the floor noise, but with the mics it's a bit better. I wonder how much diferent it wo uld sound at 128. Also, how much can you record at 128kb with it on the stereo setting?

thank you, pam. This does give me a much better idea of what I was hearing. Also, is the default in dictation or conference?

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I sent the file to Amy, Doug and Sandra, but yes, I could do a podcast comparing the three microphones I have. I had an older Olympus which wouldn't have been good for music or professional sounding recordings at all, but the DS-2 I'm happy with. I plan to record a piano recital on Friday and my son's high school graduation on Sunday, and expect I'll be happy with both. It's a personal choice as was said, and that's one of the many cool things about these podcasts, we can hear all of the different recorders and decide for ourselves if the more expensive recorders are worth the extra expense to us.


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