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       Just three of my own experiences:

1) My younger son Shaun always seemed delighted to walk with me while holding my left hand as I used my cane in the other hand. This was when he was perhaps in the range of 4 to 5 years old. He kept us headed in the desired direction, but I always used my cane defensively, and for additional information. When Shaun was high school age, he once remarked that it had been a great feeling of power as a child to be able to get a man to stop just by a squeeze of the hand (a signal I had taught Shaun).
2) When the boys were older and in school during the day, Carolyn would sometimes pick me up from work so we could have lunch together at a city park. One time I left my cane in the car so I could carry some items the short distance to the picnic table, with Carolyn talking about the beauty of the day as we walked toward the table so I could set the items on top. As I reached the picnic table, my shin cried out the alert as it struck the attached bench that protrudes out beyond the table top. Carolyn profusely apologized as I rubbed my shin, commenting that she forgot I couldn't see the bench. Yes, one of the qualities I have always loved about my wife is her child-like freshness and joy for life!
3) Shaun is now 24, and he and his wife presented us with our first grandchild in September of 2004. A few months ago we were in Columbus to take Tristen Rose (our granddaughter) back to Springfield for baby sitting, and Shaun remarked "one of you will need --- uh, I mean, dad, you will need to sit in back with Tristen." It is not uncommon for people who have known me for many years to forget at times that I do not see, and we all have a good laugh when that happens!

Mike Justice,

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