[bct] Re: changing business world

  • From: "Debee Norling" <debee@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 06:26:19 -0800

I worked for a dot com named Aveo. When they laid off 300 employees it was a
normal morning. They told us all to go to a meeting that had been called as
an emergency.

We went in to the conference room and were told we had a half hour to leave.
We had to pack our stuff and get out.

I didn't have transportation. No bus ran during the day. When I told my
boss, a rather hardcharging guy in his thirties, he just broke down and
started crying and he personally drove me home. I think it actually hit him
harder than it hit me.

It was January 2000 and the fourth time I'd been downsized like that,
together of course with a group. The only good thing that came from my being
downsized so much is that I'm not really scared of job interviews; I've done
so many.

I worked once for a company where my manager had just closed on a house, and
that day when he came to work he found he was laid off. The same company
spent a fortune moving upstairs in their building, then six months later
when they couldn't lease out the downstairs, they moved us back to our old
offices downstairs again, costing them more money of course.

And there are beautiful, expensive empty office buildings all over Silicon
Valley still where Mary and I live. I think what gets to us normal folks
most is that the average Mom is better at long-range planning than the
average company!


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