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I had this idea that people would become better through industrialization and 
educational opportunities that would bring. Education was to bring about a great
tolerance for difference and once people got a close look at the fact that 
were smart all over the world, then they would leg go their fear of people who 
different, and they would travel partly to experience difference. But it is
disillusioning when you discover that horrible movements and fantastic 
corruption in
the world has been firmly in the hands of people who were, well, educated.

So next, a grip on reality finding optimism in the hope for an incremental
improvement in people, the kind of thing you have to wait around you know, 
maybe 50
thousand years before finally seeing something

The good old days of the 60's is fair, if you were happy being with people who 
to make an effort to be accepting. But then I have women friends who said all 
friendly stuff starting looking like a scam to, well you know.

Lucky the world is complicated enough we can find things to entertain us while 
we try
to remain economically viable.

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Curt, being a student of history, I gently disagree.  There may have seemed
to an observer to have been a time when people were more honest, but a bit
of digging will put pate to this belief.  There were no good old days of
any kind.  Human nature has remained the same for hundreds of thousands of

Sometimes, people think that the fifties and sixties were a more gentle
age, but they were only a more secretive age, not more gentle.  People
working in the social fields will tell you readily that the rates of
spousal and child abuse have remained the same for at least a hundred
years, probably longer, but we know for sure nothing has changed since Jane
Hull founded the modern science of social work.

We have more people now, and thankfully, people are more willing to explore
unsavory habits of humans.  This exposure may result in diminishment of
these problems.  Remember the days of the robber barons of the 19th
century, they were every bit as bad in terms of business as we see today in
corporate America.

I do not mean to cast a pall on the discussion, but I must note that the
human condition has never been better than it is now, nor much worse,
either.  One hopes that we can improve.  Because, if we do not, one day, we
may find that we have destroyed our planet and ourselves along with it.


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