[bct] Re: changing business world

  • From: The Scarlet Wombat <coconut@xxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 17:44:02 -0500

Nadia, sadly, it seems that money is the only thing anyone considers. Auto manufacturers are sued regularly and lose. Do you suppose they alter their ways, not a bit. It is often less expensive to pay the suit than to repair the problem.

This is a very poor state of affairs, but the dollar is the only motivator for most businesses.

In an interesting lawsuit some years ago, a lady was badly burnt by MacDonald's coffee. In the trial it came out that MacDonald's would rather continue to serve boiling hot coffee and pay the suits than change their practices. They were seen to be completely uninterested in customer or employee safety.

This scenario is far too often played out now. Corporations with deep pockets would rather pay the fines and suits than change. They do not care a whit about people, only profit.


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