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Dan, let me tell you something.  You are SOOOOOOOO right.  I originally was 
not going to contribute to this thread;
Now however, I find I do have something to say after all.

    Back when I was working for Marriott in the late 90's in Omaha, I was 
finally able to work my way up to customer service after slogging through 
the pressure cooker of a sales floor.  "At last", I thought to myself, "a 
real chance to contribute meaningfully to society and help people with their 
problems.".  boy, was I wrong or what.  I get their only to discover that 
the main corporate offices shared many of the same computer systems we used 
up in customer service; and, among the other things that meant, it also 
meant that when ever the corporate people filed their reports on weekends, 
it would shut us out of the system and we couldn't access hardly anything or 
help people.  I had to document every call in Braille, and then, come in on 
Monday and put all that documentation in to the computer.  A hard and fast 
rule was that we ALWAYS had to document every call we took.  One day, 
another rep passed me by as I was documenting a call and he asked what I 
thought I was doing.  "I'm documenting this call and putting it in to the 
computer." I said,

    "taking calls is more important." he replied.
    More than once, I had been come down on for taking too long on calls.  I 
learned, to my consternation that the goal which the corporate office had 
for us was to take as many calls a as possible.  This, as you might imagine, 
did not fulfill what I always took to be the proper goal of customer 
service; namely, to see to it that one did everything in his power to 
satisfy the customer.  No.  The emphasis MUST be placed on getting rid of a 
call as fast as you can; so they said.

    Add to all that this.  The people over at Marriott referred to us blind 
employees, (what few of us there were) as VI's.  When I got demoted for 
having the flu in 1999, I finally went to the human resources department in 
an effort to better my situation.  Did I succeed? Why, of course not.  Worse 
yet, I could not obtain the help or support of any of the other blind people 
working there.  One person can only fight  for so long a time; you know.  I 
finally came to the conclusion that there was only one thing to do; return 
home.  So, I did.

Sincerely yours,
The Constantly Barefoot,
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One of the courses I had to take, Mary, in my financial planner training
was retirement planning.  Part of the course was about how companies choose
retirement plans.  The emphasis now is on making sure the highly
compensated officers and directors receive the best and making sure the
peons get little to nothing.

The entire emphasis in corporate retirement planning is to avoid giving
anything more than the law requires to the worker bees and even then,
cutting it to the bones.  They would rather give the execs non tax
deductible bennies t han do it right and not discriminate in their
retirement plans.  I am rapidly losing any respect for corporate America.


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