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  • From: Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 00:36:00 +1100

Hi Mary,

Yes, its all a bit sad. something will have to break in the end.
Unfortunately, a lot of people are going to get the short straw before
it does. 

The management speak you mention is something that really anoys me as
well. We call them weasel words. The other day, a friend of mine made
everyone (except a couple of humorless managers) laugh in a meeting.

please note, this next part contains a swear word, so stop here if you
are easily offended by bad language.

He played a game called bullshit bingo. You play the game by going to
a meeting with a card divided up into boxes like a bingo sheet. Each
of you have different cards just like in bingo. However, instead of
numbers, each square has a weasel word written in it. Each time
somebody uses one of the weasel words, you cross it off. The first one
to get a cross through all their squares then has to jump up and shout

Its not popular with most managers, but the rest of us find it
something to get us past all the rubbish. Personally, I get through by
using mangled mixed metaphores - for example, when asked last week how
I was planning on dealing with a possible problem in the project I'm
working on, I said "We will burn that bridge when we come to it". Its
one way of telling if anyone is actually listening.

Mary Emerson writes:
 > Tim,
 > I agree a million percent. I've seen quite a few changes in direction over 
 > the years; one year they emphasize excellence in everything, then they 
 > emphasize customer service, then the next year or two it's profits and who 
 > cares about the customer. Problem is, profits seem to have taken over during 
 > the past decade. There are lots of really good I/T people here in Silicon 
 > Valley who have had a rotten deal with all the layoffs and downsizings. The 
 > irony is that the departments in development, test, and writing areas are 
 > really desperate for staff, but the good staff were tossed out and nobody 
 > has the skills they had, as you mention and describe so well. You no doubt 
 > notice they never get rid of the guys at the top who get the three-digit 
 > salaries.
 > I sure hope you can make it to age 55, but as you said, it's questionable. 
 > One of the big clinchers for me last March that firmed my decision to leave 
 > was the proliferation of business-speak; I was filling out my business goals 
 > for the year (which were, by and large, dictated by management at the top 
 > and filtered down to us worker bees.) I was reading a lot of stuff that had 
 > no relevance to me as an employee or me as a person; the language was so 
 > cold and logical and goal-driven and profit-driven that I decided that this 
 > was going to be one reason for me to get out. Turns out it's a good thing I 
 > did, because I recently heard that, (and this is in the news, so I'm not 
 > telling secrets here), the old pension plans are gone as of the end of next 
 > year. People's salaries will have ten percent taken off the top and 
 > deposited in savings plans, whether they like it or not. I'll be ok, but a 
 > lot of people won't, for which I am extremely sorry.
 > Mary
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