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I do have a cell phone with Sprint PcS.  It can be kind of scarey to be 
standing out on the side of the road stranded, not being able to call a cab or 
anything.  I'm 100 percent blind and 90 percent deaf, so I really need that 
little bit of added security.  Several years ago, I missed a bus and was 
standing out on the side of Charlotte pike here in Nashville.  I had no idea 
that there was a payphone not more than 20 feet away, and there would be no 
more busses passing by on that night, so I decided that if ever I did manage to 
get home, I would have a cell phone by the next day.  I agree that the quality 
can be less than satisfacctory though, and I can hear much better on a land 
line phone.
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Bill, I don't have a cell phone either; just haven't needed one. I prefer the 
sound from a land line anyway.


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