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This got sent to the administrator so I am changing the word it complained about and re-posting it. If you want to link to the web sites here, take out the greater than sign on the same line as the link.
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Choice Magazine Listening has a web site you can go to and get signed up on line or e-mail or by phone. The magazine is free of charge and on four track tape. Once they start sending it, you automatically get it till you tell them to quit. The site is:


I think that's it; I hope it's not wrong.

My podcast feed is:


I hope it works. It creates a folder called Mary Emerson's media which is not the name of my podcast, but I'll just live with it I guess. It seems to work for me; I hope it will for you too. It says the feed is activated. I wish the folder name was the same as the podcast name, like everybody else's is, but I don't know how to fix that.

Good luck with it.


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