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  • Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:14:02 -0500

The best solution is to get over the Ebay jitters.  Millions of people have
bought things from Ebay, including many on this list, and if you check the
venders warranty statement and pay through Pay Pal with a credit card, you
have several levels of protection.  You are not likely to find those models
anywhere else, unless you want to buy an outright used one from someone on
these lists.

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Subject: [bct] buying an iriver

> hi all,
> I want to buy a good digital recorder to record lectures, speeches, etc,
> with good quality. after listening to all the excellent podcasts on bct my
> preference is for the Iriver IFP 799 or 899. I prefer them over the
> much-touted Olympus 320  only because they will record in mp3, while the
> olympus only records in WMA.
> I will most often use the files it records on my plextalk or my bookport.
> don't want to have to convert each file i record from WMA to MP3.
> i would just go get the olympus because larry and others speak so highly
> about it.
> i also like having a radio on board in case i want to record directly from
> it, though i can live without that if i have to.
> here is the problem. they don't make the IRiver 799 or 899 any more. a few
> days ago i checked on E-Bay and a few 899 models were listed as
> I have not used E-bay before and am nervous about spending that kind of
> money from some little-known outfit when it has been used and who knows
> good it is.
> any suggestions from anyone?

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