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I agree, not even close to a player piano.  Yes, it has some built-in demo
songs, but the wealth of realistic voices and possible backup styles are
simply additional tools that can really let your creativity flow.  It is an
arranger keyboard, and professionals use them specifically for that purpose,
creating arrangements, and for performing live as a solo entertainer.  For
those of us that are not professional musicians, it helps us sound a lot
better and therefore get more enjoyment out of our playing.  I do understand
Mary's concern about being over-whelmed however because if you are not used
to playing with any kind of backup or accompaniment, it certainly would take
some getting used to.  Roland and Korg also have some amazing arranger
keyboards, but to my ears, the Yamaha Tyros sounds the most real.

--Best regards,

--Rick Alfaro

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hi Mary

Actually The keyboard is about as far from a player piano as you can get.
All those sounds are so realistic, i was absolutely amazed at the sounds
that thing produced. If you didn't know it was a keyboard you'd swear some
of those instruments were reallly being played. 
Shows you how much technology has advanced.

At 06:55 PM 3/19/2006, you wrote:
>Hi list,
>Well, my life is getting back to its normal pace; I guess, like the 
>rest of you, I am getting used to the abuse of what we've gone through 
>in the past couple days. Maybe things will calm down a bit.
>I've been enjoying the podcasts that  have gone up recently; I haven't 
>heard Larry's yet but am really anxious to hear it.
>Merrill's DVD player sounds like a neat gadget for people like me who 
>don't have TV; my DVD player is made for the stereo and when it wears 
>out I will definitely check into one that's like what she has.
>The keyboard reminds me a bit of a player piano; I guess I am a bit 
>old-fashioned, because I prefer to play everything myself. Too many 
>accompaniments would drive me absolutely up the creek without a paddle. 
>I guess you'll have to put me in the category of musicians who love the 
>sound of a keyboard but would rather use one that doesn't have all the 
>rhythms and backup work.
>Let's hope life is getting a bit more peaceful for everybody and we can 
>settle down around here.
>Mary Emerson
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