[bct] Re: braille lite problem

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  • Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 14:56:12 +0530

Thanks Mary.  I must have hit the 6 dot while turning the machine on.

Since I am not in a place where I can have an indepth look at all the new speech and Braille devices, I find it all very confusing. When the lite goes, (it's inevitable I guess), I'll have a time figuring out what to replace it with. But the biggest difficulty with the lite is it vulnerability to dust and shock. But, there's no way around this since the braille display is why I like it in the first place.


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To get out of one-handed mode, hold down dot 3, and turn the machine on.

Just so you know, you got it into one handed mode by holding down dot 6 when you turned on the braille lite.

I love my braille lite and would not part with it for anything, so you are not alone in using one.

I would love to hear some reviews of some newer braille devices; I downloaded one of the MPower and would love to hear about the Braille Sense if somebody has one.

In fact, my ideal PC would be a Small Talk Ultra with jaws, and a 40-cell braille display attached.

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