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You forgot the part about buying the coffee!

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It has to be a Country and Western tune.  <smile>

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Phil, I like this. You should put it to music.
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> Hi Folks,
> I did a rough draft of a 
> Blind Cool Tech theme song:
> Larry winds his way to Louisville lands,
> At APH he has an idea with nothing to lose, 
> For BPC, he's got great plans,
> and he gets into the news,
> "come try it, why not? there's no better to choose.
> there's a need and he's working he's working 
> and it's working,
> But can he fill all those shoes?
> On Larry's walk to work,
> With the sun on his left, 
> and Jake leadin' him, 
> He knows where to go.
> he's heading to the south, 
> he'll get  through the snow.
> but he won't stop there, no not until he knows,
> Headin' through the printing house, 
> He'll dive into work, as far as it goes, 
> And he's up to his neck,
> with Blind Cool Tech,
> So Larry starts to record,
> And puts them on his place,
> A place about telling as much as you know,
> A place about cool gadgets and what you've got to tell,
> and what they do,
> A place about going as far as you can go
> His brainstorm in his head,
> To record all that he said,
> and what you've got and what you know
> and about tech, it's about cool tech
> And he's up to his neck,
> with Blind Cool Tech,
> well they call it Blind cool tech
> But what the heck
> With all his podcasts, 
> Larry's done a peck,
> And on his long morning trek 
> With his constant talking,
> Just hope He doesn't get 
> into a wreck.
> So now Larry shares his place,
> With stile and grace,
> and at least they know, yeah at least they know
> He's still up to his neck,
> with Blind Cool Tech,
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