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That was awesome!

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Hey, that was a really cool theme song! Loved it!
Sincerely, Jamie D.
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Hi Folks,
I did a rough draft of a Blind Cool Tech theme song:

Larry winds his way to Louisville lands,
At APH he has an idea with nothing to lose, For BPC, he's got great plans,
and he gets into the news,
"come try it, why not? there's no better to choose.

there's a need and he's working he's working and it's working,
But can he fill all those shoes?

On Larry's walk to work,
With the sun on his left, and Jake leadin' him, He knows where to go.
he's heading to the south, he'll get through the snow.
but he won't stop there, no not until he knows,
Headin' through the printing house, He'll dive into work, as far as it goes, And he's up to his neck,
with Blind Cool Tech,

So Larry starts to record,
And puts them on his place,
A place about telling as much as you know,
A place about cool gadgets and what you've got to tell,
and what they do,
A place about going as far as you can go
His brainstorm in his head,
To record all that he said,
and what you've got and what you know
and about tech, it's about cool tech
And he's up to his neck,
with Blind Cool Tech,

well they call it Blind cool tech
But what the heck
With all his podcasts, Larry's done a peck,
And on his long morning trek With his constant talking,
Just hope He doesn't get into a wreck.

So now Larry shares his place,
With stile and grace,
and at least they know, yeah at least they know
He's still up to his neck,
with Blind Cool Tech,

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