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I knotted the left wire on my mics for easy access. You are right the curve
of the ear piece fits inside the curve of your ear and the grill of the mics
end up at your ear drum.
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Today my SP-TFB2 mics arrived.  The WS-320M won't arrive till Wednesday.
Nevertheless I've been considering the position in which these mics are to
used.  I read an E-mail dialog between Larry and Neal.  But I'm still
about some things.  First of all, which side of the actual mic is the
side, to be looking outward?  I notice that one side feels slightly rubbery,
like rubber cement.  I'm thinking that side faces inward, over the ear
Please correct me if I'm wrong.  So If I'm trying to place them correctly,
curved piece follows the curve of the ear just above the canal.  Secondly,
there a tactual way to determine left and right mics?  There's probably a
maarking.  Just for fun I tried the mics with the computer; but of course,
they're not matched well for that.  But they do work.  I can't get much
separation but that may be because  of the connection I have to the
I'll have better luck when the recorder for which they are intended arrives.
Thank you.

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