[bct] Re: binaural mics?

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  • Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 19:30:26 -0500

Mostly they do, but there are times when the surrounding noise outblasts him and I have a hard time hearing his words over the ... guess that would be ambiance. Is that even a word? I think they do fine, though the cars coming in at me are a bit disorienting.

See, now I feel weird putting lol or something in my emails. Lovely. but hey, it takes all types. And I'll do my darndest to not be too inhibited, cuz I think I'd just be told to get over it, and I wouldn't agree with that at all. Huge sigh.

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but, the mics pick up larrys voice well dont they?
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Sarah, you would record your binaural material with no words from you, then separately, record your commentary and merge the files in goldwav, sound studio, sond forge or any number of those kinds of products.


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