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  • Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 18:54:00 +0100

Hi friends,
I don't claim to be a technical expert at all, but i've had a similar effect with my OKM in-ear mics. I have found, though, that the distortion decreases if you turn down the rec level a little so that it isn't so near clipping. Does that make sence at all?


How does it do that?  Does it have some kind of low frequency filter in
it or something?

rforetjr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Monday, February 20, 2006 10:01:49 AM >>>
While the Microphones that Larry has been using of late are indeed hard
to quarrel with in so far as their basic sound quality and their excellent
wind protection and wide stereo separation, they do have one drawback which
would prevent me from getting them. I noticed that when Larry was on his way
out the door and closed it, the sound of the closing of the door caused a
low frequency distortion which cut out the modulation of voices and other
sounds in the background. That's totally unacceptable. That's how come I
love the Sony ECM-DS70P microphone. It doesn't do that; and, it's got nice wide

stereo separation. I think it's a one hundred eighty degree angle of separation if I'm not mistaken. I also have the Sony ECM-MS97 which is
a handheld microphone; but, my complaint against it is that it's not any
where near as sensitive as I'd like.

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Hi Kristen,

Larry did say his mikes were ones that fitted ON the ears, and might
like a pair of horns! They do sound good to me even using a cheap pair
headphones. Love that wide stereo!

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Hi Pam,
I'm not sure i can help you since i use a couple german mikes called
and they are designed to have in your ears. I would really be
in what Larry has since he had excelent sound coming from his mikes.
also wonder what mikes to use with an Edirol R1, which i just

Pam Quinn wrote:

I have a set of the sound professional binaural microphones which I
think will be great for hands free recording, or recording when you
want to tuck the recorder away such as if you were in a thunder
and wanted to record, etc. What I'm wondering though is if it's
necessary for the microphones to actually be in your ears, or if
get the same quality pretty much if they're clipped to sunglasses
example. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong in the way that
they're supposed to be placed, but either they don't feel like
stay securely, or if they do, they act too much like ear plugs to
me. How should they be placed? Thanks.


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