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  • From: "Mary Emerson" <maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 05:28:25 -0800

Dan, you are fortunate to have had the freedom to do science projects as you described. I lived in a rather isolated middle class suburbia where my parents limited me severely and one of my few freedoms was reading; although my parents graduated from high school, they didn't have much college and therefore didn't feel like they wanted their child, daughter mind you, to do anything they didn't understand, so I'd read about the experiments in science books and wish I could do them, but I didn't have ready access to a lot of things. Goodness, I couldn't even take chemistry in high school, so I took the college prep biology and really excelled in the biochemistry part of it, and I had an easy A in college biology.

I have The Day The Earth Stood Still on video and didn't even see it till last year although there was always a lot of talk about it. It definitely was a movie with a message. Good thing web braille has all the wonderful science books it has. I know Recording for the Blind has far more, but web braille is so immediately accessible. I've spent more time than I normally would trying to get a feel for the periodic table of chemical elements (I hope that's what it's called) but just can't quite see the logic in it, or what constitutes a mild reaction as opposed to one that's more prevalent; maybe it's governed by the atomic structure, rather than the appearance or change in form. Chemistry is so foreign to me, for some reason. I am far more drawn to disciplines like physics, biology, ecology, and biochemistry, and the study of the very large or the very small. Then there are so many areas that aren't scientific that I love too, such as anthropology, literature, music, herbal medicine; it's quite healthy to have a very wide range of interests. It seems like just about everybody on this list falls into that category since we all discuss just about everything and anything and enjoy differences of opinions and viewpoints.

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