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Hmm, I think I'd rather be a Harper, or maybe I'd join that new Machinests Hall where they work with computers and stuff lol. Isn't there supposed to be a new Pern book comming out sometime soon? I thought it said something about it on Anne's site but I guess I'll check. And yes, I like the smaller dragons idea.
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Yes I did think of you as a healer, with all of your knowledge of herbs and holistic medicines. You are gifted in both, you would probably be one of the lucky ones who could choose their apprenticeship because both sides would want you.
I'm with you on the kla as well, though I like a bit of honey in it now and again.

I did read the dolphins book, but it was a very long time ago. I read that around the same time I read Chronicles of Pern: First Fall.

I'll check out web Braille. Thanks for the info. I think audible.com has a few of hers as well, but I can't say if they are abridged or not, because I haven't checked in a long time.

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Kla is probably the only thing I'd drink! So yes, kla, and maybe some spices added to it.

Now that I think of it, it would be hard to choose between harper and healer, but I suspect harper would win out, with a minor in healing. I don't know who would be master harper; maybe we could all take turns! And maybe we could have smaller dragons, say about the size of a cat or dog, as pets; bigger than fire lizards; wouldn't that be grand! Then we could all have one, and they wouldn't have to be isolated; they could be with us all the time.

I think in one of the later books, the Red Star's orbit was adjusted so it wouldn't bother Perne any more. This was after they rebuilt the buried ship and learned to speak to the ship's computer. Ah, need to read that book again too. And did you read the book about the dolphins of Perne? That was a good one too. Some of the latest ones are in braille on web braille.


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